Hosemate, Kalgoorlie, Australia

Hose and Asset Management Systems

With the adoption of new technology, mine sites and workshops across Australia are benefiting from using non-proprietary data management systems to track their assets and reduce unexpected downtime.

Using the Tagative™ system, HoseMate’s qualified tag-it technicians can assist you in implementing the RFID Tagative™ system across your site or workshop.

Tagitive™ Hose and Asset Management systems supplied by HoseMate

How does it work?

Hydraulic hoses, fittings and other parts are tagged with unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) identifiers and are uploaded to your secure database with installation information, part numbers, certificates and warranty information.

We can also upload custom data fields for hose type, fittings and adaptors, hose length and working pressure.

Throughout the life of the hose assembly, staff scan the unique tags using a smartphone or tablet, and upload information about when components have been tested and who by. You can also upload testing certificates and photographs.

Why install an RFID tagging system?

Not only does this system remove reliance on pen and paper recording (which can get lost or misinterpreted) clients using the Tagative™ system have the data available instantly from site to the cloud base database from the workshop or control room.

When implementing the system across your site or workshop you can enter dates and reminders for all hoses and components including installation, scheduled inspection and testing dates and expected end of life dates.

Data is power. The Tagative™ system provides users with the information to review performance of hoses and components by manufacturer, make and model and operating conditions. Clients appreciate the comprehensive information available to planners to make better purchasing decisions resulting in less downtime and more efficient operations.

Is RFID asset management expensive?

Once your assets are tagged, the training on how to use the system and access to the database is free.

Your site or workshop will have a variable number of components requiring tagging. Please contact us today if you would like to have a discussion about implementing RFID tagging and the expected cost for your operations.

Consider a HoseMate Hose and Asset Management System using Tagative™ RFID technology | Unsplash Dominik Vanyi