Hosemate, Kalgoorlie, Australia

Kit Building and Catalogue

Ensure your purchasing is efficient and precise with a HoseMate personalised kit build and catalogue for your hydraulic powered machines.

Popular with clients that have purchased new equipment or are rebuilding, HoseMate offers custom made catalogues of all hydraulic hoses and adaptors so when you need a part replaced, the exact part number and specifications are available immediately and can be delivered and installed quickly, meaning you maintain performance and productivity.

HoseMate can also offer hose assembly kits for individual machines that are fitted with the correct adapters for your specific operating requirements. Keep one on the shelf in your storeroom or in our workshop for quick replacement during shutdowns or unplanned maintenance.

Our pre-assembled hose kits are also a stock feature of our on-site facilities workshops currently available for mine sites.

Designed using the engineering specifications of all big brands, HoseMate offers kit building and custom catalogues for a variety of manufacturers.

HoseMate image of hydraulic hoses

Kit Building for DOT Fittings

HoseMate support the transport and logistics industry with a wide selection of DOT approved fittings. Register your transport vehicle with us and we’ll build a catalogue of parts for your bus, truck or trailer ensuring your parts are available off the shelf for quick installation to keep you on the road.